Been To Demolition Derby Lately?

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This might be a fun way to spend time over the weekend with your boys. But got to assume that you guys like cars. Not just any cars but smash them, dodge them, you buy them, you break them, you pay for them cars. This is not Dodge City nor Detroit. Could be anywhere in the country. It’s being done. And it could be in Massachusetts too. It’s called stock car racing. And it looks like a fun way to carry out demolition boston ma work.

Whether this demo work is deliberate or not is immaterial. Fact of the matter is that by the time the demolition derby is over, those racing cars will be so battered up they’ll be destined for the demolition yard anyhow. The demo truck will be coming over to the racetrack to load and cart away all the piles of metalized junk. Or maybe they’re there already. They’re on standby, you see. Auto repair workshops may already be using this demolition service already.

For every twenty cars being serviced and repaired within a given period of time, surely it’s possible that out of those, there’s got to be one that has had its day, can go no further, not ever going to be repaired or rebuilt, and just needs to be junked already. You wonder though, will the auto repair workshop be passing over some of the bucks it makes from using the demolition service to its customers?

Maybe, maybe not. But it is usual for such a workshop to be charging a fee to the customer for the ‘trouble’ of keeping his ‘pile of junk’ on the auto repair mechanic’s premises. Devious biz practice? Or yet another great way to make a good bit of money?